It is much appreciated if you would take a few minutes to read through and see if your questions are answered here.  If not, please get in touch.

Q: My fluff has an unpleasant smell to it.  Is this normal and what can be done about it?

The "fluff" is made from minimally processed sheep's wool, which can have a strong natural odor to it.  If you unfold the fluff and let it air out a few days, that helps to minimize the smell.  To improve it further, you may want to store it in a closed plastic bag or storage bin with an air freshener.  Spritzing it with Febreze while it is airing may also help. We do not recommend washing the fluff, so washing is not a remedy for the smell.

Q: What is the difference in the types of fluff that you sell?

Rustic Wool Fluff ($14) Lots of texture, most colors are blends, not solids.  It comes in a long thin strip approx. 10 in. wide and 8 ft. long.

Farm Fluff ($18) or ($20) for rainbow. Comes in a large thin sheet approx 2 ft. X 3 ft. when unfolded.  Custom made on a small farm from 1/2 domestic wool and 1/2 US grown merino wool from Texas.

Colorblend Fluff ($18) Same size and made on the same machine as Farm Fluff but from domestic wool with less crimp that has different colored fibers blended together.

Simply Fluff ($16) Comes in natural cream only.  A slightly thicker and longer piece than Farm Fluff or Colorblend Fluff (from a different mill).

Fairytale Fluff ($32) A loose luxury fiber blend of curly longwool and mulberry silk.  Hand dyed with lots of color variation.  Note it does have some Vegetable Matter in it (little bits of grass, hay, etc).  Soiled parts can be washed gently by hand without changing its look.

Bliss Fluff ($18) A super soft luxury fiber blend of silk and merino wool.  Has a smoother finish and subtle sheen.  This fiber is imported from Italy.  Same size as farm fluff and colorblend fluff.

Sparkle Fluff ($18) Loose fluff made from domestic wool blended with sparkly Angelina and Firestar.  Can be washed by hand and fluffed back up without significantly changing its look.

Q: What about washing?

We do not recommend washing our fluff. It is not felted, meaning it is rather delicate and won't hold together indefinitely through many uses and would be changed with washing.

It is normal for it to start to fall apart, get holes, etc.  The benefit of unfelted fluff is its reasonable price, and unparalleled artistic potential to be stretched, torn, draped and arranged in so many ways.  

We recommend styling with baby in a diaper as much as possible.  If the fluff does get soiled, the easiest thing to do is tear off the dirty part and keep using the rest.

Fairytale Fluff and Sparkle Fluff are the exceptions as they will be changed the least by hand washing as long as you take care not to agitate them too much.

Q: What do I do with the fluff once it is too tattered to keep using?

If you are in the US, send it back and we will recycle it and make it into new fluff!  You will receive a 25% discount on your next fluff purchase for participating in our recycling program.  Please see the bottom of our "Policies" page for details or send a message.

If you are International and do not want to throw away good wool, we recommend washing it and giving it away to a fiber artist in your area.  If you have trouble finding someone who would like your wool, let us know and we may be able to help locate a felter or spinner who would want to take your fluff to make it into other things.