• Image of Baby Elephant Fairytale Fluff + Purple Highlights

*Note that this color is dyed with the same dye as Baby Elephant but the silk dyes purple, and some of the curls dye with a blue-ish hue, so this is a limited edition color that we don't carry all the time.

This is a luxury blend of longwool curls from a small farm, and lustrous mulberry silk. It is hand dyed in small batches, giving it subtle yet beautiful color variation. It comes loose, so will need to be arranged to achieve your desired look.

Please note, it does contain some "vegetable matter" meaning the little pieces of straw and grass, etc. that get stuck in the longwool because the sheep are living a happy natural life on the farm. This is normal and does not overly affect the use or beauty of the product.


Approx 4.5 oz. of blended fiber. This amount is enough for most setups. If you want to work with a larger amount or have extra on hand, simply purchase two.


Take the soiled fiber and submerge it in lukewarm water with a drop or two of liquid dish soap, detergent, or oxyclean. Let soak for a few minutes and then swish/wash it by hand until clean. Drain water. Soak another few minutes in fresh rinse water and then remove and press the fluff between two towels or put it through a short spin cycle in your washing machine to get out excess water. Air dry.


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