• Image of Colorblend Fluff - Huckleberry
  • Image of Colorblend Fluff - Huckleberry

Exclusive to Oh So Fleeting! This fluff is made from wool fibers of different hues blended together, creating a uniquely airy color and texture experience.


100% US grown wool from a historic mill. It is not felted, so it is a little bit delicate and won't hold together forever, but that also means it has the most artistic potential to be stretched and arranged in many different ways. Note that it can smell strongly of sheep and those sensitive to this natural aroma will want to allow time for it to air out and may want to store it with an air freshener after airing. If you are wanting a "sweeter smelling" fluff, please choose my dyed farm fluff instead.


One piece measures approximately 2 ft. X 3 ft. and weighs about 4 oz. This amount is enough for almost all setups.


Spot cleaning is preferred (then blot between two towels) or simply tear off the soiled part. It can also be washed by hand very gently with a small amount of detergent or wool soap such as Eucalan. It may develop holes and will definitely felt slightly with washing, but will still look nice as a stuffer. It will not keep its new look indefinitely; that is just the nature of this product.

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