• Image of Farm Fluff - Cotton Candy
  • Image of Farm Fluff - Cotton Candy
  • Image of Farm Fluff - Cotton Candy

*Cotton Candy is slightly darker than our color Cherry Blossom, without the peachy tint. It is a very traditional bubblegum/baby pink.*

Exclusive to Oh So Fleeting! Nothing else gives quite the same look of a baby being nestled in a cloud.


100% wool. Half of the wool is medium grade domestic wool. The other half is merino wool from Texas which adds more softness and fluffiness. The wool is custom dyed and milled in small batches to our specifications. It is not felted, so it is delicate and won't hold together forever, but that also means it has the most artistic potential to be stretched and arranged in many different ways.


One piece measures approximately 2 ft. X 3 ft. and weighs about 4 oz. This amount is shown in all the photos and is enough for almost all setups.


Washing is not recommended. Most people simply tear off the soiled part and keep using the rest. It will not keep its new look indefinitely; that is just the nature of this product. US customers can utilize our fluff recycling program when the fluff has reached the end of its useful life. (see Policies page for more info)

Special thanks to:

Shannon Leigh Studios
Chrystal Rees Photography
Cathy Kam Photography


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