• Image of RTS Colorblend Bonnet
  • Image of RTS Colorblend Bonnet
  • Image of RTS Colorblend Bonnet
  • Image of RTS Colorblend Bonnet
  • Image of RTS Colorblend Bonnet

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Colors, going clockwise:
Bing Cherry
Little Fox
Dark Olive
Key Lime Pie
Teal Waters
Blue Frost
Purple Haze
Pine Cone
Gray Owl

This is a simple yet lovely little bonnet made with 100% wool yarn from the same mill that makes the wool for our Colorblend Fluff. Therefore, the fluff and the bonnets compliment each other especially well!

Important Note:

These bonnets are not always the *exact* color as their colorblend fluff counterparts. This is because 1. colors looks darker when turned into yarn and knitted because of the twisting of the fibers. 2. The bonnets and fluff sometimes come from different dye lots meaning they can be slightly different hues, though incredibly similar.




If bonnet needs to be cleaned, hand wash gently in lukewarm water with a tiny bit of liquid detergent. Blot between two towels and air dry.

Special Thanks To:

Photography by Rya
Andrea Kinter Photography
Kathleen Lindemann Photography
Shannon Leigh Studios

Pattern Credit:

3P Little Knits http://www.etsy.com/shop/3PLittleKnits


  • Bing Cherry
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  • Petal
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  • Little Fox
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  • Grapefruit
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  • Dark Olive
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  • Sagebrush
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  • Key Lime Pie
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  • Teal Waters
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  • Spearmint
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  • Huckleberry
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  • Blue Frost
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  • Wisteria
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  • Purple Haze
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  • Pine Cone
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  • Sheepish
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  • Dune
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  • Graphite
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  • Gray Owl
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