• Image of Rustic Wool Fluff - Garnet
  • Image of Rustic Wool Fluff - Garnet
  • Image of Rustic Wool Fluff - Garnet
  • Image of Rustic Wool Fluff - Garnet

If you're wanting to create a soft organic look at a reasonable price, this fluff's for you! The blended colors and texture are just beautiful.


100% virgin wool. This product is produced at a historic New England mill and is known as "carded batt" "batting" or "fleece" in the fiber art world. It is not felted, so it won't hold together forever and does have a tendency to separate but that also means it has a lot of artistic potential to be torn on purpose and arranged in many different ways.

Because this is minimally processed wool, it can smell strongly of sheep and those sensitive to this natural aroma may want to allow time for the fluff to air out and may want to store it with an air freshener after airing. It also contains some "vegetable matter" meaning bits of dirt and hay which are normal in this type of product. If you would prefer a "sweet smelling" fluff with less vegetable matter, please try my dyed farm fluff instead.


This fluff comes in a roll that weighs approximately 4 oz. and unwinds into a strip about 10 in. wide and 8 ft. long (some variation in length and thickness is normal). This amount can be arranged in many different ways and is big enough for most setups. If you are unsure if this standard size will be enough for your needs and would prefer to work with a large amount, simply purchase two.


If soiled, either pull off the dirty piece and throw it away, spot clean/blot, or wash gently by hand in lukewarm water with a bit of liquid detergent or Oxyclean spray. Even gentle washing will cause the wool to felt slightly and pull apart. That is just the nature of this product. It is economical and very versatile, but not incredibly durable.

Special thanks to:

Shannon Leigh Studios
Jennifer Rittenberry Photography
Apple Blossom Photography


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