• Image of Sparkle Fluff - Green
  • Image of Sparkle Fluff - Green

This is some fun fluff! Excellent for clients who enjoy a little bling or whimsical setups. Perfect for Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, and whatever else you can dream up.

It is two shades of green wool, blended together with a hint of shimmery nylon fiber, and a good bit of sparkly green fiber. The sparkle reminds me of tinsel, although its a softer thinner version. This fluff comes loose, so you will need to arrange it to achieve your desired look. Best used as a stuffer although it can also be spread out or piled up wherever you need it.

Amount: approximately 4 oz.

Note the sparkles do tend to stick to stuff - we recommend cleaning up with a vacuum or a lint roller after you're finished using the fluff.

This product can be washed by hand. Take the soiled part only, and submerge it in soapy lukewarm wash water for about 10 minutes. Work gently with hands on any soiled parts. Drain water. Soak again in clean rinse water. Drain and spin or press out excess water and lay out to dry. Once dry, fluff back up with your hands. Alternatively, just remove and toss any soiled parts and keep using the rest.

Special thanks to:

Donkey Babies Photography


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