• Image of Stormy Wool Wrap
  • Image of Stormy Wool Wrap
  • Image of Stormy Wool Wrap
  • Image of Stormy Wool Wrap

These wraps are hand dyed in small batches to match our farm fluff. The fabric is a soft 100% wool ribbed jersey that photographs great.

***Please Note - hand dying of this fabric yields a lot of color variation within each wrap. It looks similar to water color painting or tie dye - there is a variegated effect of lighter and darker splotches throughout the fabric; a mottled look. Here at Oh So Fleeting, we LOVE hand dyed anything because it is very organic looking and unique. So, if you love one-of-a-kind, you might also love these wraps! If you prefer solid colored fabric, these are probably not for you.

These Stormy wraps definitely display the watercolor/mottled look of hand dying. Current batch has lots of light and dark patches throughout. Images show Stormy wraps from a previous batch that dyed more solid colored.

Special thanks to:

Stephanie Viricki Photography
Kreations Photography

Size: Approximately 15 in. X 76 in.

Care: Hand Wash or Machine Wash on delicate and hang to dry. A "free and clear" detergent or wool soap such as Eucalan is preferred.


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